Named:Kenneth Chew
Age: 11
Country: Singapore
School: Tao Nan School

I'm a boy, a simple boy. Have only one wish, that's to be happy. Love the world, the planet. Love music, the ROCK best. Life is nothing with no music. Music is a language use when words fails.


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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Bible,pastor and me says ...........
The bible says:
Ladies are the first to get the message from god.But why is this so?
A pastor said;
When a man gets home from work, he would rather stay at roof top than in the house.Not even if it were a palace, he would rather stay out than wanna know why?OK!When the man comes back,he faces his wife.His wife is a woman.And i m sure u all know that MOST women are naggy.But nagging does not lead to anywhere.When the husband comes home,he has to face a woman.The woman knows more as she was the first to now gods massege.So she would nag at the husband for hours.The husband can't take is, so he will get out of the house.
Kenneth(Me):Will you stay in a castle with a very naggy woman?
NO!Of couse not.
So ladies out there,if YOU find your husband going to the roof to rest , I think YOU should know what to do.What?

STOP BEING NAGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!

kenneth chew de wei
saw the strange light @
11:59 PM.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

EXAMs I hate U
Finally!EXAMs are over.
i Studied like a freak suring EXAMs.
donno why that MOE
want to have so many EXAMs.
SA1 and SA2 already big headache.
still want to have CA1 and CA2.
Now still got project .
So damn xian.
i almost 4 get
yesterday, Ronald Sisyloh(the singapore national play came to my house.)
guess 4 wad
he came to play............

kenneth chew de wei
saw the strange light @
11:59 PM.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Diary Entry(Bible)(2)
Life is a work of art.
You got to paint it colorful.
You can make anything u wan
dun have to stick to any rules
U dun need a high IQ
To succeed in wad u do
U jus got to have no doubt.
jus believe in urself
once were here dreamers......
1 of tis days u'ill open up ur mind.......
and u'realise

Tis rap is wad i made wen i read my bible today.

kenneth chew de wei
saw the strange light @
11:59 PM.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Diary Entry(Bible)
Life is just a simple time for us to be relexed.When we do good things,we feel good.When we do bad things ,we feel bad.And sometimes,U may even be having sleepless night.
When life gets hard,we got to be tougher.
When times get rough, we got to be rougher.
What will happen if we go easy on every thing?
Be tough at the right time.
Never be tough at the wrong time.
Be rough when U must.
Don't get rough at the wrong time or u will have hard time
Today,I studied the bible and the bible said:
"Do you have the right to be angry wif god?
HE made waht you r now and HE can make you VANISH in a blink of an eye.
HE can make a tree grow overnight and HE can too make it wither overnight."
In the name of the HOLY SPIRIT,I now say good night...........

kenneth chew de wei
saw the strange light @
11:59 PM.